Indian Reservation Relief Distribution Trips
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10/4/2016 - Delivery Trip

It's that time again for us to do our large fall delivery.  Randy went to the reservation today and will be making deliveries at least tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. 

We have been taking over coats/jackets, building supplies, children's books, tires, and other miscellaneous items over the last few months.  Recently we received a large donation of food which took priority for trailer space versus some other items we had planned.

One of the exciting items is we are getting to help another school with computers and printers.  This time the school is on the Hopi Reservation. These were provided by our partner Nat Miller with Heroes Deserve Help.

Erik (Operation Love) picked up food and helped Randy to unload the trailer and get things ready for the other groups.

Today Ronald & Bensen with the Forgotten People) met him at the warehouse with two trucks and picked up food, hygiene supplies, clothing, winter coats/jackets, building supplies and two Kerosene heaters.

Pastor Seymour will be picking up food, baby boxes (4), winter coats/jackets, Heros Deserve Help provided 12 computers and 2 printers for the Hopi school (Thank You Nat Miller).

Deborah (Hope Center) will be picking up food.

Tomorrow Randy will be delivering items to Pastor Bowling (Gallup, NM).  The load includes picked up food, hygiene supplies, clothing, winter coats/jackets, building/plumbing supplies, tires, one computer for school, computer/printer supplies, children’s books, and garage sale items used to support school.

On Wednesday Randy will be delivering items to Pastor Stan Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto, AZ.  The load includes food, Newborn Outreach boxes (30), hygiene, bleach, shoes, winter clothing, child/youth jackets, new womens vest/jackets, medical supplies for medical clinic in Mexico that they support.

Velma in Thoreau New Mexico is picking up food.

5/2/2016 - Delivery Trip

Randy left on 5/2 for Arizona with an interesting variety of items for the reservations. The load included computers, large  multi-machines (printer, fax, scan), pineapple juice, macaroni & cheese, bleach, cliff bars, Styrofoam plates, bowls etc to feed the homeless, Dove chocolate and baby boxes.  The food was provided by our partners Feed The Children and Giving Children Hope.

On 5/3 World Emergency Relief provided Operation 29:11 with nearly 42,000 lbs. of fresh produce this week. The load was split between our Holbrook facility and Wildcat Christian Academy in Gallup NM.  It contained tomatoes, yellow squash and green peppers.

Randy made deliveries 5/3-5/5 to Native American Christian Academy (formerly Sun Valley Indian School) in Sun Valley, Arizona,  The Hope Center in Whiteriver, Arizona, Wildcat Christian Academy in Gallup, New Mexico, and to Pure Heart in Kaibeto,Arizona.   The delivery to The Hope Center included items for the San Carlos Apache reservation and they will pick up from The Hope Center.

The computers & multi-machines (printer, fax, scan) went to Native American Christian Academy. There were twenty refurbished computers to update their computer lab along with two of the four refurbished color multi-machines . The other two multi-machines will be delivered with a month to them (no room on trailer this trip).  Operation 29:11 provided the original computers still in operation in 2007. The new replacements were provided by our partner Nat Miller and Heroes Deserve Help.

Go to our web site for more pictures, click on Gallery then Misc Pictures 2016

God has blessed us with so many things to take that Randy will be returning in 2-4 weeks to deliver another load because we are overflowing with items that partners and people have donated.  THANK YOU to all who make this possible! 

3/3/2016 - Native American Christian Academy Tower Garden

Our first special project of 2016 is underway at Native American Christian Academy in Sun Valley AZ... the scholl was previously named Sun Valley Indian School. Under the leadership of Kris Miller, NACA's new Executive Director, we are partnering to develop a state-of-the-art garden project that will provide nutritional and agricultural education and food to the students and staff in residence.

Operation 29:11 provided a complete hydroponic tower garden system to the school in late 2016 and this week we received the first photographs of the planted garden located in the school's library. This is a very preliminary step in a project that we envision to encompass hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic gardening methods in a controlled environment that will teach students the most modern methods of efficient, small foot-print agriculture that can be used year round for healthy food production.

The project will require a large steel building and the latest technology in electrical generation capability. Under Kris' direction the campus buildings are currently being retrofitted with metal roofs and rain-water catch systems.  

At this time our most important need is your prayer support as we begin meeting with professionals that have volunteered to assistance us with project development. I cringe at using 'project planning' so I have not... if I have learned anything the hard way in the last 8 years it is that 'God Plans' and 'man prepares' for that plan. So be it.

Feb 2016 - New opportunities

February has been a busy month with some exciting things happening.  

Early in the month we were able to pick up picked up food, snacks, children's vitamins and coffee from Giving Children Hope Buena Park, California. The very next day we were able to share with Young Life Impacting Hearts from Long Beach California items we picked up the prior day along with other items we had.

God has opened the door for Operation 29:11 to the Native American community in Southern California. We participated in our first collaborative event at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside. In association with Southern California Indian Center, Giving Children Hope and National Basketball Retired Players Association we delivered 50 new mattresses and lots of Disney clothing to the youth of Sherman.

World Emergency Relief (WER) delivered nearly 22,000 lbs. of fresh produce to our Holbrook facility and Wildcat Christian Academy (WCA) today. We received 5 varieties of squash and 2 varieties of tomatoes. 

We have a new commercial partner in US Foods. They are one of the leading distributors servicing restaurants; healthcare, hospitality, government & educational institutions across America. As a nonprofit we have been approved to receive donations and purchase food at a substantial discount.

Go to our web site for more information and pictures. 

1/29/2016 - Delivery Trip

Randy and Rob left today for the reservations in Arizona.  They will make a couple of deliveries on Saturday 1/30.  First they will go to Flagstaff and drop off items for the Forgotten People.  In the afternoon they will go to The Hope Center at Fort Apache.

They are delivering the following items:

. Diapers

. Bleach

. 2 Cases of new jackets (Teens/Adults)

. Fresh Oranges picked from the Sundman's tree

. Food

. Grapefruit Juice

. Food bars

. Fruit Biscuits

. Chips

. Almond Nut Butter

. Wheat Pasta

Please pray for safe travel and good weather.

1/11/2016 Hope Center Update

Just a quick note to say Thank You for your help raising the funds needed for propane for the Hope Center.  We raised $1325 in just a few days!  We have sent part of the funds already and plan to send more in the weeks to come.  Wings of Faith organization has raised $1500 and they have sent funds.

Randy is working with another partner of ours to get a load of food that we can deliver in the next few weeks depending on the weather.

Please pray for God's guidance on how we can help those who serve the people in need and for those who receive the items provided.


Happy New Year!  God continues to bless us with wonderful people to come along side us and help us in delivering much needed supplies to our Native American partners in Arizona and New Mexico.  We are looking forward to what God has planned for this year.  Come along on the journey with us.

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