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Support Needed to Build Home For Bessie Wilson and Son


We are partnering with The Forgotten People nonprofit of the Navajo Nation to build a home for the Bessie Wilson Family of Bodaway Gap AZ. Bessie and her son have been recognized by The Forgotten People organization as the family currently most in need of a home. The Forgotten People organization and Bessie have addressed all tribal legal requirements and Operation 29:11 is addressing construction needs.

This will be our first housing construction project and it will incorporate a full year of cooperative effort in research and design planning. Bo Bohannon is our Director of Construction Projects, the designer of the home and a retired contractor with the necessary experience to lead our fledging effort. During 2013 Bo met with a number of our partners who currently build homes across the Navajo Nation to determine the best possible design that would provide Bessie and her son with a home requiring minimal maintenance and maximum durability in the harsh climate of the former Bennett Freeze area. 

Actual construction will be accomplished in partnership with both organizations building the home.  Construction was originally scheduled to be begin the week of June 2, 2014 but is now pending a new date in late Summer/early Fall as Bo underwent unscheduled hip replacement surgery in late March.

There are three ways you can help

1. Building this first home has been a difficult process and your prayers most coveted

2. Late design changes have increased the cost of materials and we are now $4,500 short of funding

3. Some of our volunteers who had scheduled time to participate in June are not going to be available for the new date which is dependent on Bo’s rehabilitation and a small group of additional experienced volunteers will be needed

Our goal is to provide Bessie and her son a home before winter arrives in October. Bodaway Gap is an isolated area along Highway 89, northwest of Tuba City and south of Page. Living conditions will be spartan at best as there are no overnight accomodations or restaurants readily available.

This will be a mission trip complete with some hardships and many blessings. Are you interested? Donations can be made through our website or by mail (Contact Page has address).

If you are interested in participating in the actual construction go to our Contact Us page.

Thank you. 


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