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Bessie Wilson’s Home is Complete

God is Good. On September 20th we completed the structure of Bessie Wilson’s new home after two years of discussion, planning and lots of frustration. Restoring Hope… Changing Lives has been our driving purpose since the establishment of our nonprofit and this project did change a person’s life… and, I believe a faith builder for all that were intimately involved.

There are a number of supporters that made this project possible…

• Magnolia Baptist Church of Anaheim CA provided the initial push with a seed gift to change a life in 2012
• Harold ‘Bo’ Bohannon of Chattanooga TN spent nearly a year and a half developing the best possible building plan
• Marsha Monestersky and the Forgotten People organization of the Navajo Nation provided legal support and a wonderful group of volunteers
• Our financial supporters who underwrote the project… you know who you are and without you Bessie’s home would not have been possible
• Our prayer supporters… you will never know how important your prayers were… those of us that were on the ground those two weeks will not forget
• Rod Timberlake and HOMCO True Value of Flagstaff AZ provided building material support for the second year in a row
• Charlie & Linda Lotshaw of Lotshaw Helping Hands provided a variety of donations from food to building materials
• Joe Jordan and Jordan Outreach Ministries of Indio CA provided material support
• Todd Taylor and Taylor & Son Plumbing of Memphis TN provided material support for the second project this year

• Our Arizona volunteers…
   o  Bessie Wilson
   o  Bessie’s family members (Kee, Buster, Leonard, Ron),
   o  Forgotten People members (Benson, Harrison #1, Harrison #2)
   o  Art Holquin and his family from HOMCO

•  Our construction team…
   o  Bo & Jerry Bohannon of Chattanooga TN led the design and construction effort
   o  Bill Hatch of Corona CA provided and installed the electrical system and much support thereafter
   o  Troy Kearns and Equity Plumbing of Tustin CA provided and installed the plumbing system and much support thereafter
   o  Jim Yost of Placentia CA and Wings of Faith... When we need help Jim is there
   o  Roger Tsuda, Hank Brand and Gabe of Anaheim CA… indispensable

And lastly but most importantly GOD… every day had its challenges and everyday HE reminded us of HIS presence and through HIM Bessie’s hope has been restored and her life changed.

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