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August 4, 2014

Dear Operation 29:11 Friend,

In 2007 we stepped out in faith gathering and distributing humanitarian relief and undertaking projects to support and improve ministries and lives within the Navajo Nation and Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Due to God’s bounty and the generosity of so many of you that have stood with us we have been successful well beyond our original vision.

In early September we will step out in faith once again. Over the last two years we have continually sought God’s direction, the consul of our advisors and the insight of our reservation partners regarding our desire to include an effort that more reflects our vision to Restore Hope and Change Lives.

Operation 29:11 teams from California and Tennessee, in association with the Forgotten People organization of the Navajo Nation, will meet near Page Arizona to construct our first home for a Native American family.

Many of you have heard us repeat the statistic that 77% of the homes located on the former Bennett Freeze area of the Navajo Nation are considered uninhabitable. This is our opportunity to become part of the solution that restores hope and begins changing lives through caring relationships.

We will be building a home for a single mother and her son. A Forgotten People resolution passed on October 20th, 2013 recognizes Bessie Wilson of Bodaway/Gap as a person most in need of housing. She is the mother of a 15 year old son with physical disabilities, currently cares for her disabled mother and resides as a “squatter” in a home made of black board insulation held together by her personal possessions.

Bessie Wilson

Bessie with her Navajo Nation Homesite Lease

Whatever we do we do unto God and this home is no different. Our design has undergone many revisions over the last 18 months in an effort to provide Bessie with a home that she can depend upon for many years to come. The house will be 16’ wide by 32’ long… 512 square feet.

Cost containment is paramount and as such we have been reaching out to many local nonprofits for building materials with little response. HOMCO Lumber of Flagstaff has agreed to partner with us and sell us materials at their cost. We also have been accumulating donated furniture and household necessities with the intent to provide Bessie and her son a functioning home.

Bessie, Jerry, and Bo Bahanon setting the stake at the Northeast Corner of her new home

As mentioned we are once again stepping out in faith. We currently have about 45 days before we begin construction. Would you stand with us in this project?  We need prayer warriors and we need Kingdom investors willing to help us purchase materials.

Prayer Needs

o   Safety: Bodaway/Gap is an isolated area… there will be a lot of driving involved… most of us will be living at the construction site as campers and all the entails… the closest medical facility is 45 minutes away… materials and tools will have to be protected 24 hours per day.

o   Ministry: May God prepare hearts and provide opportunity for personal ministry.

Financial Needs

o   We are currently short funding for Trusses @ $1189.00, Hardie Board Panels @ $1370.00, Metal Roofing @ $1148.00 and Insulation @ $480.00.

Thank you for your consideration. Your generosity of prayers, gifts and support will, God willing, Restore Hope and Change Lives.

May the Lord BlessYou and Keep You,

Randy and Pam Williams

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