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Vision Statement

Operation 29:11 will serve the Native American community by seeking to restore hope and change lives through God's direction, bounty and grace. 

Mission Statement

Operation 29:11 will form "strategic partnerships" with urban Christian churches and their communities and Native American Christian churches, missions, and schools and their communities. 

Our goal is to connect generous people who have resources to Native American people who have great needs. Our ministry will locate and partner with faith-based ministries already serving those in need and provide additional support as needed. Resources and the needs they meet may be physical, material, spiritual or combination thereof. 

Strategic Objectives

Through "hands on" ministry projects, we will mobilize local churches and individuals to provide humanitarian relief to the Native American community and encourage, equip, train, and expand God's Kingdom vision within urban North American churches and their communities. 

Through "hands on experience," we will develop "community", greater understanding and a servant ministry vision, both in those who are served and in those who "go" to serve.

Outreach ministry of ICS Strategic Partners, Inc.
ICS Strategic Partners is a Public Benefit 501(c)(3) non-profit California corporation, incoporated in 2010.