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April 14-18, 2013 Distribution Trip


Doug, Rich, Dave Pugsley and I returned home early Thursday morning exhausted from what I consider one of our most successful trips. I‘ve been told I refer to every distribution trip as ‘our most successful’ so I’m now adding the caveat “one of.” 

Monday was somewhat of a downer as once again weather, in the form of very high winds, disallowed a safe delivery to Wildcat Christian Academy at Black Hat (Gallup area). As we unloaded at Red Mesa (Sanders AZ: Pastor Beasley’s warehouse) the winds built to such force we were forced back to Holbrook where we spent the remainder of the day working on the warehouse and preparing for Tuesday’s deliveries. 

Monday evening we welcomed Bo Bohannon (Operation 29:11 Tennessee) and his guest Pastor Fitzgerald Brown of Butler GA. Bo had previously made a presentation to Mt. Pisgah Baptist and Pastor Fitz decided to join us for a trip and determine if we were a fit for his church’s mission outreach. I don’t know if we are a fit for them but Pastor Fitz was a perfect fit for us. We have a seat in the truck for him whenever he wants to join us. 

Dave Kirsch and August Swanson, our new Serve-One partners, arrived early Tuesday morning with a large load of supplies and a refrigeration unit for the warehouse. After unloading their trailer and reloading it for a delivery they were making to NAOMI House we headed south to Snowflake, Whiteriver and McNary. 

Tuesday evening we had a very important meeting scheduled with Pastor Kelly in Leupp relating to the design and building of our first hogan… once again the winds became an issue as I-40 was shut down as we arrived within eight miles of our turn off to Leupp. Fortunately there was an alternate route that had not been shut down… unfortunately for our vehicles we ran directly into a sand storm and arrived a half hour late… fortunately Pastor Kelly received our phone message that we would be there and waited for us… the evening ended with a very successful meeting and a large delivery of supplies. 

Wednesday morning began with ‘let’s try rain today’ as we were joined by Pastor Bob Seymour (First Southern Baptist Church of Snowflake) and his nephews as we made our delivery to Sun Valley Indian School followed by a review of the buildings at the Nazarene Church of Sun Valley which we will be renovating this summer. 

Following our activity at Sun Valley we headed north to the Hopi Reservation and Second Mesa where Pastor Bob and I have recently been visiting with a family he once lived with. This was our first delivery of supplies to Second Mesa and an experience for everyone that has never been there. I suggest the this website ( for further info . 

We then drove on to Kaibeto and Pure Heart Bible Church where we delivered our final load of supplies. While we unloaded the trailer Dave met with the Community Garden team in preparation for the installation of the initial sections of the garden on May 18, 2013. As we said our goodbyes the weather gremblins decided to bless us with more weather… snow. 

Unfortunately we parted company with Bo and Pastor Fitz over dinner in Flagstaff and headed home arriving with the very early morning commuter traffic Thursday. 

We were blessed many times over and appreciate every prayer offered on our behalf. Thank You!   

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