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February 6-10, 2013 Distribution Trip

Rich Schlegle, Jim Yost (Wings of Faith) and I are returning from our first quarter distribution trip with stories to tell. For the first time in our 5+ year history we failed to complete a quarterly distribution to all our Native American partners.

We departed Holbrook AZ early this morning with the knowledge we would have a long day as we drove east to attend a meeting with Cornerstone Ministries in Gallup NM and make our final two deliveries to Wildcat Christian Academy in Gallup and House of Deliverance’s warehouse in Sanders AZ… and then, weather permitting, return to California. We were expecting sporadic snow flurries throughout the day and considered Flagstaff road conditions to be of most concern late in the day as we headed home. Our first order of business each day is prayer and we do so with the knowledge we have many prayer partners at home supporting us every mile of the journey… without a doubt God was answering all of our prayers today. We encountered the snow flurries 20 miles west of Gallup and by the time we exited I-40 in Gallup the streets were covered in a mixture of ice and snow so dangerous the decision was made to forgo the meeting and delivery, return to I-40 and head west. Ten miles west of Gallup as we followed in the tire tracks of a semi we hit ice and after bouncing the trailer off a section of guard rail we stopped facing oncoming traffic in the center divider… as I was attempting to bring the truck and trailer under control I observed the semi behind us slow down and give us room to pirouette west… a very interesting experience that I would pass on henceforth. No one was hurt though the truck and trailer will need some TLC at a body shop. With the assistance of a NM state trooper we returned to safe pavement and returned to Gallup so we could turn around and head west once again… but that is another story as Flagstaff did in fact present its challenges.   

Overall, our trip has been very successful. Our supplies for Wildcat Christian Academy were delivered to House of Deliverance’s warehouse where Pastor Bowling can retrieve them when the weather permits. Due to packaging requirements we will deliver supplies to First Presbyterian Church of Leupp at a later date. We were able to review two locations for possible projects this summer and reviewed the property at Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto for the installation of the community garden this spring.

To all of our prayer partners… thank you!

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