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July 7-15, 2012 - Distribution Trip: Our July trip was a resounding success as the Operation 29:11 team partnered with members of Wings of Faith and Native American Missions Support in accomplishing a number of projects, the delivery of relief supplies to our hub churches on the Navajo and Fort Apache Indian Reservations and the addition of a new partner.

Rich Schlegel, Stan Beatty and I began our trip from Anaheim CA on Saturday July 7th with the typical long drive to Prescott AZ where we generally overnight prior to beginning our project work and supply deliveries.

Sunday was primarily another travel day as we headed to our first project and supply delivery at Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto AZ. On the way we had a slight detour to the airport at Page AZ where we picked up Jim Yost who had flown in from Corona CA. Jim is a pilot and member of our aviation partner Wings of Faith.

Awaiting us at Kaibeto were Pure Heart’s Pastor Stan Patterson, his wife Maxine and three more traveled members of our team… Pastor Donnie Carpenter, Bo Bohannon and Tony Darling. Bo and Pastor Donnie are members of our partner Native American Missions Support located in Olive Branch MS. They had departed Mississippi and Tennessee Friday morning driving nonstop to insure a Saturday evening project layout prior to our arrival. Tony is a Mississippi transplant currently living in Holbrook AZ and was somehow drafted for inclusion on the team… I never learned the story behind his drafting but Tony was a welcome addition to the team.

By the time we arrived Sunday afternoon Bo, Pastor Donnie, Tony, Pastor Stan, Art and Larry already had three walls framed and up… Art and Larry are members of Pure Heart Bible Church… once we began sawing and hammering last names were lost in the noise.

Thanks to Pastor Stan, Maxine and the ladies of Pure Heart we were provided very comfortable quarters and never missed an outstanding meal. As we departed for Holbrook AZ late Wednesday afternoon Art was busy completing the project with his paint and carpeting team. Our October trip will include computers and more books for the library. Kaibeto is an isolated community and does not have a library… this will be a general community library and a resource library for the Native American Bible Institute located at Pure Heart. Thank you to all that have donated books for this project.

Library Before

Library Before

Library After

Library After

Thursday, day six, Holbrook AZ, started with the NAMS team working on plumbing repairs at the Eagle Heights facility (more to follow in mid-August regarding this facility) while Operation 29:11 and Wings of Faith worked at our warehouse to unload California supplies, reorganize the warehouse and reload delivery supplies for N.A.O.M.I. House (Joseph City AZ), McNary Apache Baptist Church (McNary AZ), and The Hope Center (Whiteriver AZ).

Jim Yost introduced us to Debra Clendon of The Hope Center… Wings of Faith has recently began supporting her ministry and as a partner with Wings we are moving forward to provide support as needed.

Point of interest… Debra related a serious need for business casual clothing… a number of our wives were going to be working back home that evening on our donated clothing… I called Pam, my wife, and shared with her Debra’s need… the first box the ladies opened was full of very nice business casual clothing… by the time we returned to Holbrook and reloaded the trailer for Friday’s deliveries the ladies had packed two boxes of clothing and a third of shoes to be delivered the following week by Rich and his wife Kelly as they drove to the East Coast. God plans, we prepare, God blesses.

The Hope Center

Jim, Debra, Randy

Hope Center

The Hope Center in Whiteriver, AZ

Day seven began with our loss of Jim Yost as he attempted to return to Southern California in his Cessna aircraft which he had flown to Holbrook on Wednesday… unfortunately he encountered severe weather shortly into his flight and spent the

next twenty-four hours grounded at Williams AZ. The remaining team spent the morning assisting Pastor Paul Beasley Sr. in cleaning and reorganizing the Red Mesa warehouse that he manages at Sanders AZ. Mid-day we lost Bo, Pastor Donnie, and Herb Tarlton (who had joined us for the morning) as they began their twenty-four hour non-stop journey back to Illinois (Herb), Tennessee (Bo) and Mississippi (Pastor Donnie). Upon completion of warehouse project Rich, Stan and I continued east with deliveries to Navajo Assembly of God Church (Hauck AZ) and Bible Navajo Mission/ Wildcat Christian Academy (Black Hat NM). After completing our deliveries we once again returned to Holbrook that evening to reload the trailer for Saturday’s deliveries.


Pastor Beasley Sr.
Pastor Beasley Sr
Our Mechanized Division at Sanders AZ

Saturday, day eight, was the best example of why we stress ‘flexibility’ with respect to our trip itineraries. We began the day with a return to N.A.O.M.I. House to deliver supplies missed in the first delivery on Thursday and then headed west to our newest hub partner church at Leupp AZ.

Believing it would take approximately one hour to complete our delivery at First Presbyterian Church of Leupp we planned to then head on home to Southern California. Not to be. While Stan and I were unloading the trailer Rich informed me that he could not complete checking out and setting up the computers we had brought for the new computer lab… the monitors were back at our warehouse in Holbrook… sometimes it does not pay to load the trailer late in the evening after a long day of deliveries… 130 miles and three hours later we were back with the monitors.

During our absence Pastor Kelly and Rich completed remodeling the churches ‘spare’ room into a very nice computer lab. Also during our absence the men and women of First Presbyterian had organized the morning’s delivery and surrounding churches were already picking up supplies. It is rare that we ever see what God provides and we deliver distributed beyond our hub church partners… this day was an exception and quite special as I met a new pastor and renewed my acquaintance with a pastor I had not seen in nearly a year. It is also rare that we have time to just sit and build deeper relationships we those we serve… this day we spent a number of hours discussing First Presbyterian’s outreach ministries and ways in which we might build a stronger partnership. It made for a long stop but a very special stop.

Pastor Kelly

Pastor Kelly working on New Computer Lab

Kids at computer

Computers never disappoint

Seven hours after initially arriving we departed. While stopping in Flagstaff for dinner we encountered the beginning of a serious monsoon storm that resulted in our diversion to Prescott for the night.

Sunday was a beautiful day to drive home…nine days, twenty-two hundred miles, a very special group of guys, a new partner and a to-do list to begin working on immediately… Rich and I will be returning with our wives in separate trips over the next three weeks to deliver additional supplies. Our trip was truly blessed.

To view our mission trip photos go to our Gallery and select Relief Support Delivery & Project – July 2012. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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