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Currently Operation 29:11 is working on six projects:

  • Developing a church library at Pure Heart Bible Church
  • Developing a church and school library at Bible Navajo Mission
  • Renovating the school classroom at Wildcat Christian Academy
  • Repairing and constructing homes on the former Bennett Freeze
  • Developing clean water sources for the people of the former Bennett Freeze
  • Developing and building a women's shelter at Pure Heart Bible Church


Library Development 

Libraries are being developed at Pure Heart Bible Church, Kaibeto AZ, Navajo Nation and Bible Navajo Mission and Wildcat Christian School, Black Hat NM, Navajo Nation. 

Pure Heart Bible Church is remotely located south of Page AZ with a population of approximately 2,000 people. The church built a new building in 2010 that will seat approximately 300 and is home to a chapter of the Native American Bible Institute. The institute is significant because it is an accredited college level Bible teaching institute training Native Americans to carry forth the message of Christ to the Native American community. The library will contain a selection of Christian and secular publications. Selections include Bibles, Bible studies, commentaries, reference works, Christian CDs/DVDs, quality non-fiction, and fiction for all ages. 

Bible Navajo Mission is located north of Gallup NM and east of Window Rock AZ. The church and school have been in place for 30 years. Bible Navajo Mission was home to the first chapter of the Native American Bible Institute and continues to increase in size and graduate Native American Christian leadership. This library will contain the same selection of books and material as Pure Heart Bible Church. 

Donations of books and material is very much appreciated and accepted. In additional to books and material we need to construct sturdy bookshelves. The bookshelves have been designed and will be employing Native Americans to construct them at Bible Navajo Mission's workshop. These are Native Americans who are talented but unemployed in their chosen fields of work. The cost of each book shelf including labor and materials is $140. The bookshelves will be constructed as funding is available. If you are interested in supporting the building of a bookshelf with a gift please see Donations below.

Renovation of Wildcat Christian Academy Classrooms 

Wildcat Christian Academy is a K-12 school operating in association with Bible Navajo Mission. The school has been in operation for 30 years and uses Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The interior of the school is well maintained but has not been renovated since its inception. We are currently developing a plan to include new carpeting, paint, cubicle furniture, computers, and general office equipment. 

At this time the renovation cost analysis is not complete. As soon as the analysis is complete we publish the particulars. If you can provide information to possible donation sources for cubicle furniture and computers we would be grateful. 

Repairing and Constructing Homes on the Former Bennett Freeze 

There is a serious need to repair and constructing housing on the former Bennett Freeze area of the Navajo Nation. There is an endless amount of information available on the internet pertaining to the existing conditions people are living in... simply search Bennett Freeze. We are currently accumulating construction material common to home repair and construction and will be scheduling mission trips to address individual projects. If you are interested in donating your time or materials please contact us, see Contact information. If you are interested in providing a gift to purchase materials please see Donations below. 

Developing Clean Water Sources on the Former Bennett Freeze 

Operation 29:11 is working directly with our ministry partner Wings of Faith and associated experts to develop clean water sources and distribution systems for the people of the former Bennett Freeze area of the Navajo Nation. Over 90% of the homes do not have access to piped water and needed water must be purchased and hauled by whatever means possible from sources as far as fifty miles away, much of which is on dirt roads. 

At this time we are directing all interest in this project to 

Construction of a Women's Shelter at Pure Heart Bible Church 

Operation 29:11 is partnering with Pastor Stan Patterson and Pure Heart Bible Church to build and furnish a women's shelter adjacent to the church located at Kaibeto AZ, Navajo Nation. Development plans are currently underway and we will provide additional information as soon as it is available. 

If you are interested in any of the projects listed above please click here to go to our Contact Us page. We will provide you with updates as projects progress. 

As a Christian ministry we rely on the prayers of our partners and appreciate your standing with us whether you are a funding partner or not. Thank you!

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