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Mission Trip - May 27 - June 1, 2015

God has blessed us with another successful mission trip. In addition to an outstanding load of supplies, wonderful weather and nearly perfect road conditions we received an unexpected surprise that nearly overwhelmed us. God is sooo GOOD.

Our May trip started out as a unique trip in that our trailer was packed to weight capacity with supplies from our partners Love-Lift Ministries, Lotshaw Helping Hands and Feed The Children. The majority of the supplies were for delivery to Deborah & Veldon Clendon at The Hope Center in Whiteriver AZ, Fort Apache Indian Reservation. During our March trip Deborah had shared that they were in dire straits for food and all types of relief supplies and they were interested in a team to conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program and possibly assist with rehab of their new facility this summer. To address the VBS request, the follow organizations stepped up to help out:

    1.  Marilyn Kunde and her team at Love-Lift provided hundreds of very nice gift bags for 2 year olds to teens
    2. Charlie & Linda Lotshaw at Helping Hands provided Kind Bars and flavored bottled water
    3. Feed The Children provided Clif Bars and M&Ms
    4. Calvary Chapel Living Word Church youth group contacted Deborah and agreed to conduct the VBS program and assist with rehab the week of July 9th.

As if all the above wasn’t enough of a blessing within hours of departing Orange County we were asked by phone if we’d like a trailer load of fresh produce… IF it could be arranged.  In less than 24 hours Kristy Scott at World Emergency Relief arranged for a split load of produce and fruit to be delivered to our Holbrook facility and Wildcat Christian Academy in Gallup. This is the second load World Emergency Relief has arranged and unwritten the cost on for us this year. One stipulation was we REALLY needed a forklift to unload at Holbrook… and the load was less than 24 hours awayGod had that taken care of in a big way and Eric, our support person at Holbrook, arrived at 0445 Friday morning with a heavy-duty construction fork lift and within 30 minutes the Holbrook food was unload. Approximately 35,000 lbs. (1/2 semi-truck) of cucumbers, small sweet peppers, large sweet peppers, green beans, yellow squash, large tomatoes, grape tomatoes, mangos, watermelons and honey dew melons. By the time Randy left Eric for Fort Apache late Friday morning well over half the food was distributed… and Pastor Bowling was experiencing the same results in Gallup.

When we arrived at The Hope Center early Friday afternoon Deborah shared with me that they only had two food items on the supply shelves… the first I don’t remember but the second was Cup “O” Noodles… generally they feed over 100 people every Thursday and Saturday… I didn’t have the heart to ask what they served the previous night but I had an idea what was available for the next day. As I dropped the ramp on the trailer Deborah exclaimed “Praise the Lord”… the trailer was still maxed out weight wise after replacing CLIF bars and bleach with produce and fruit.  If you look at the photo gallery from the trip you’ll see a young man handing his great grandma his treasure from the delivery… he also gave her a watermelon.

In recapping the trip all the produce and fruit was distributed at both locations by Monday. Pastor Bowling shared that they were able to broadcast their distribution on the local Christian radio station in Window Rock and eventually more than 20 churches received supplies… and still there was enough left over to deliver 4 cases of each item to the local food bank which has been struggling this year due to budget cuts and was very low supplies. 

With this trip now complete we are looking forward to the next trip… we’d appreciate your prayers as we’re backed up currently at least 2 trailer loads here in Southern California and need to get the food items transported and distributed before the hot weather complicates transportation across the desert. Additionally, we may have an opportunity for one more load of produce before the season ends… and that load must be coordinated with us being in Holbrook at the same time… as we await possible Jury Duty. GOD HAS A PLAN.

Thank you to all who hold us in your prayers and support our effort for without you there would be no ministry.


Randy & Pam

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