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Our July mission trip was extraordinary… over the four days we operated from Holbrook we completed all scheduled deliveries to our partner hub locations, completed renovations to Sun Valley Nazarene Church, and partnered with First Southern Baptist Church of Holbrook for two nights of community outreach in local parks which consisted of providing dinner, a number of children’s activities and evangelical outreach.  I would be remiss if I did not recognize Bo Bohannon from Chattanooga TN and the team from Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church of Butler GA, led by Pastor Fitzgerald Brown, for their effort in accomplishing major building repairs in June… they made our job so much easier though I regret we were not all present in Holbrook together. The July team was the largest we have ever fielded at one time… at our high point thirty-two saints from California and Mississippi were working side-by-side with our Arizona brethren. Recognizing that we were operating in the middle of a very active monsoon season it must be noted we were never impacted at any time by weather though it was continually around us day and night… to believe God was present would be an understatement. Thanks to Dave Pugsley and the many photographers within the teams we have a good selection of pictures that can be viewed at the following internet location.
Our October mission trip consisted of our typical initial winter preparation deliveries of blankets, winter clothing and food. We also delivered twenty-nine Newborn Outreach boxes and our first delivery of Blessing Boxes. The Newborn Outreach ministry was birthed during our October 2012 trip during which a number of ladies from Magnolia Baptist Church recognized a need to support new mothers leaving the Indian Health Care hospitals. As of this trip we have now delivered 189 boxes thanks to the ladies of Magnolia, Calvary Chapel Living Word (Irvine CA), Trinity Church (Redlands CA) and many other ladies within Southern California. Further information regarding the Newborn Ministry can be found on the Operation 29:11 website. Additionally we began delivery of the first Blessing Boxes to Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto AZ. The Blessing Box ministry was birthed following our October 2013 trip by Annagrace Bratcher, the daughter of Pastor Jeremy Bratcher, Senior Pastor of Magnolia Baptist. The boxes consist of emergency food to support a family for a number of days… additionally we provide a case of water to support the contents of the box. Thanks to Annagrace and the kids of Magnolia the first twenty-five boxes are now ready to support a person(s) in need. I would also like to recognize our newest partner Serve-One for their support with both the July and October trips. In July they accomplished a 24-hour turn-a-round delivery from CA to AZ to CA providing us with additional food for delivery. In October they provided us with their twenty-foot trailer loaded with food… and we were able to transport two trailers with a capacity of over twelve-thousand pounds of supplies to our Holbrook warehouse… and then, because their trailer can handle twice the weight capacity of ours, we were able to double the size of our deliveries to our hub locations using their trailer. God has provided us with some very special partners that make our ministry possible.
General Information: We are being blessed beyond imagination with large quantities of quality food and new furniture. Within five days of returning from our October distribution trip during which we emptied our Holbrook warehouse we currently have refilled our shipping container and building at Magnolia Baptist Church with food and more is pending pick up this coming week. We also have access to a large quantity of new furniture currently being stored at a partner’s warehouse in Riverside. And if food and furniture are not enough the ladies of Gleanings for the Hungry blessed us with forty-three additional quilts last week. God is good, God is busy, and God has a plan.
Since it has been so long since my last update some of the following items from the June update require much more explanation than I am prepared to provide at this time. During the interim period we have encountered disappointments, encouragements and a lot of unanswered questions as we have attempted to redirect our operation from humanitarian relief to sustainable projects. Thank you.

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