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Operation 29:11 Update for June 4, 2013


Greetings from the snake infested desk of Randy Williams… by snake infested I refer to those items we are supposed to accomplish but don’t due to some inane excuse… mine is I highly dislike paperwork and writing… and falsely believed with my retirement from Southern California Edison my paper piles would cease to exist… Stephen Covey didn’t work for me at SCE either. Please note that I have removed the misnomer “Weekly” from the above title.

Once again I am late with my ‘Update’ but while I’m late please believe it’s not because Operation 29:11 isn’t on the move. On May 18th Jerry Henning, Dave Pugsley, Roger Tsuda and I partnered with Pastor Philbert Tso and his team at Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto AZ to install our first community garden project. Thanks to the work of Dave, Roger and Elizabeth Thomas of Magnolia Baptist Church we were able to provide sixty healthy pre-grown plants to the effort. Due to the generosity of The Home Depot we were provided planting, irrigation, and fencing materials which were a tremendous help to our project budget. Our Corona CA partner Serve-One filled all the open space in our trailer with food as we left CA… per Dave Kirsch we loaded 1,500 lbs of watermelon, squash, onions, and much, much more… to Pastor Philbert’s joy Dave & Gus also provided many bags and boxes of fresh bakery (lots of donuts). The most important element of the effort as always was God’s presence and his people… Pastor Chuck Gargan and his wife Vicky flew in from Ocean City NJ, Evangelist Phil Lansing drove over from Shiprock NM, and Pastor Philbert and his Kaibeto team were an absolute blessing. Jerry Henning, who was part of Operation 29:11 long before there was an Operation 29:11, joined us at the last minute and directed the fencing team. Throughout the day guests showed up to review the project’s progress and pray with the team... at times there was I believe there was more personal ministry underway than garden preparation. I apologize that the picture gallery is not what it should be... Dave and I talked prior to arriving at Kaibeto what pictures we needed but that endeavor got lost in the day's activities. Pastor Stan and Pastor Philbert reported this morning that after an initial dog attack and the ever present winds the garden is doing well… with a side note… they have planted an additional section with Indian corn. The picture galley is available on the our website at

Currently we are working to gather and prepare supply loads for the June/ July Sun Valley Nazarene Church project and quarterly distribution. We have been blessed with a large quantity of food, building products, and computer equipment from our partners Lotshaw Helping Hands, Serve-One and 1st Free Ewaste Removal. The New Born Ministry continues to receive an avalanche of baby supplies of which we will include in the July distribution. I am slowly learning if you want to be overwhelmingly successful recruit the ladies… since the New Born Ministry started last October our family room has never been the same... tonight it has spread to the living room due to a truck load of beautiful knitted items that arrived late last week. The Kids of Magnolia will shortly complete the first twenty-five  Blessing Boxes for their Emergency Food Ministry and they also will be included in the July distribution.

And finally… we are working with a number of our local supply partners to develop a communications system that will allow us to maximize our ability to recognize and efficiently route donations to the source of need. The general answer from small nonprofits to a donation offer is generally ‘yes’ due to the fear of possibly not receiving a call the next time. Many times we expend valuable resources handling donations that we don’t need and cannot use. Through a collaboration effort we feel we can improve our ability to address the donors need to move the 'product' and our need for specific 'needs' and in the end better manage our God provided resources. Please remember this effort in your prayers for us. Thank you.

Old Business

·         June 15 – Operation 29:11 Board of Directors Meeting. We will be discussing the draft of our new business plan.

·           June 16-20 – Sun Valley Nazarene Church Renovation: Our new partner, Pastor Fitzgerald Brown and Mt. Pisgah Baptist of Butler GA, led by Bo Bohannon of Chattanooga TN, will address the structural repairs needed before new paint is applied in July by our CA and MS teams.

·           June 20 – Presentation to Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Redlands CA: Pastor Paul Plaxton and their Fifty-Plus Ministry are interested in possibly developing a partnership with us.

·           July 21-26 – Sun Valley Nazarene Church Renovation and Mid-Year Humanitarian Relief Disbribution: Teams from CA and MS will apply a new coat of paint to the buildings following the June repairs while accomplishing our mid-year supply deliveries to our reservation partners.

·           Late August/ September – Hogan Construction: Planning continues… The required land lease approval from the Navajo Nation is still pending. Bo is finalizing the building plans this week. The plans will then be presented to the material provider in Flagstaff for cost analysis. This project is on shaky ground for the Aug/ Sep time slot at this time pending a number of challenges.

·           Non-Schedule Project – Native American Pastors Mentoring Program: I talked with Pastor Jeremy Bratcher last week and we continue to move forward with this project. More to follow.

·           Non-Schedule Project – Pure Heart Chicken Coop: Design plan has not been received. More to follow.

·           Vision Ministries of America: I continue to talk with Pastor Mike Helton and have shared with him that we currently are not able to participate in the building of hogans in the Smith Lake NM area. We will be assisting he and his teams with supplies. 

·           July 22 – The initial draft of our new business plan is due for review by Dr. Amos of Pepperdine University and The Barnabas Group.  

New Business

·         July 16 -- The Barnabas Group has invited us to attend a nonprofit fundraising seminar.

Current Needs Requests Received

·           Pure Heart Bible Church: Monitors (speakers) for the church audio system and a large ceiling screen for digital presentations.

·           Pure Heart Bible Church Youth Ministry: NIV Bibles, individual backpacks & water bottles, fishing poles & supplies, tents, king size air mattresses, DVD’s (family quality entertainment & Christian subject matter), tools (general, chain saw, router w/bits, generator), games (board, checkers, chess), sports equipment, banner material (fabric, paint, glue), and candy.

·           Leupp Nazarene Church: Roof felt for roof repairs. Roofs across the Former Bennett Freeze generally are in horrible condition. To rapidly address repairs felt is generally laid out and covered with tires to keep the weather out.

Prayer Requests

·           The new Twin Arrow Casino will open shortly and is located close to the community of Leupp. There is a great deal of concern within the community regarding the rise in crime that will accompany the gambling. Law enforcement is currently not staffed adequately for the projected increase in crime and there are concerns within the community that their sense of urgency is not being addressed at the Navajo tribal government level.

·           Pastor Jim Bowling of Wildcat Christian Academy is currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer. The cancer was first detected in October and returned in April. Both he and his wife have been experiencing a number of physical challenges in the last few years but they continue to minister in a difficult area of the Navajo Reservation.  

·           Operation 29:11 is currently transitioning from a humanitarian relief organization to a development organization with a minor humanitarian relief role… this is a profound change in activity and will require much more commitment and resources.   

·           Funding: What God wants done will be done.

·           The Forgotten People of the Former Bennett Freeze: I believe Operation 29:11’s assigned area of operations going forward specifically includes the people of the Former Bennett Freeze (FBF). Our southern anchor would be the church community of Leupp and northern anchor would be the church community in Kaibeto.

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