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March 13-14, 2013 – Home Building Meeting at Smith Lake NM: Cornerstone Ministries of Smith Lake hosted a one day meeting of Navajo ministries, Chapter House (local government) representatives, faith-based nonprofits and non-reservation churches to discuss the building of homes within the Navajo Reservation.

The meeting was sponsored by Pastor Mike Helton of Vision Ministries of America. Vision Ministries has previously built 15 homes and is currently developing partnerships with churches in Tennessee, Georgia and Texas to build 15 more in 2013. The objective of the meeting was to provide a review of past construction successes, share a future vision of what can be accomplished in a partnership environment and specify the responsibilities of each partner to attain future successes. The partnership entities as presented would include the local Chapter House, Cornerstone Ministries, and a faith-based organization.

Currently there is a need for 34,000 homes within the Navajo Reservation… and with an unemployment rate of 50%-90%, depending on location, there is a tremendous need for outside support.

Thanks to the generosity of Magnolia Baptist Church of Anaheim CA Operation 29:11 will be partnering with Vision Ministries of America as we finalize plans to build our first home in the former Bennett Freeze area later in 2013 (God willing).

The following photographs show the before and after homes of a Smith Lake NM Navajo family… the left photo (before) does not actually show the home as the ‘home’ is a tent inside the shell covering… the right photo is the new home built in 2012 by Vision Ministries of America and partner churches from Texas.

Home BeforeHome After

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