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July 30, 2012 - Gleanings Pickup:  Stan Beatty, Jerry Henning, Leonard Johnson and I drove to Gleanings For The Hungry to pick up 4,000 lbs. of donated dehydrated peaches for our winter food distribution.

Gleanings is located in the farming community of Dinuba… approximately 200 miles north of Los Angeles and a short day trip of 450 miles for us. As we entered the campus we were met by Fritz Meier and Eric Rivera… Fritz and his wife Cindy are the Interim Directors for Gleanings and also the Directors for the Discipleship Training School… Eric directs Procurement & Distribution. Fritz graciously agreed to provide Stan and Jerry with a tour of the facility as Len… a long-time Gleanings volunteer accompanied.

Eric and I headed over to the loading facility for the peaches. I have been working with Eric since we picked up our first load of peaches and soup in 2010 and being brothers in Christ we spent a few minutes catching up on our families and ministries... there are people you meet along the mission road that become special and Eric is one of those people to me. As I shared with Eric that the load we were about to pick up would be going that week to one of our staging facilities in Arizona as part of our fall/winter humanitarian supply of blankets, cold-weather clothing, food and shoes he asked if we could use quilts… what quilts has to do with Gleanings I had no idea… Gleanings IS food. Well, Gleanings is also quilts… the ladies of Gleanings have a quilting ministry and we were provided over 100 beautiful new quilts to distribute to Native Americans in need this fall and winter.

You never know where the next blessing is going to come from and this was a very surprising and blessed day for Operation 29:11 and our partners.

Gleanings for the Hungry is located on the web at

The entrance to Gleanings For The Hungry, Dinuba CA

Entrance To Gleanings

Evelyn and the Guys of Gleanings

Evelyn and Guys of Gleanings

The Gleanings team prays for each ministry and load as it leaves

Gleanings Team Praying

Part of the quilts that we received



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