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Project #1: Sherman Indian High School, Riverside CA

About: Sherman Indian High School is a Federal Bureau of Indian Education facility located in Riverside CA. The school currently has approximately 400 students living on campus representing nearly 70 tribes from across the United States. 

Advisory Board: Since beginning the advisory board we have grown to include personnel from the City of Riverside, County of Riverside Master Gardeners Association, University of California Riverside, Kaiser Permanente, and Backyard Bounty, an aquaponics company. 

In 2017 Operation 29:11 was blessed, in association with the school staff, to initiate an Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Advisory Board with the intent of developing a program to teach agriculture and instill a desire to grow, prepare and consume healthy food.After 6 years of transporting and distributing an inadequate supply of quality food to an impoverished community experiencing an unusually high number of people with diabetes we knew we needed to do something different. 

The school currently has 24 raised gardens, an experimental/ demonstration garden, aquaponics garden, egg-laying chickens, meat chickens and turkeys with goats and sheep being delivered shortly. 

In January 2019 we begin a weekly speaker’s presentation for students regarding modern agriculture, nutrition and food preparation and… in February we will begin a monthly community speaker’s presentation focused on differing agriculture topics from the Native American perspective. 

The board has identified 16 different elements of agriculture and animal husbandry that we would like to introduce into the educational program consisting of both classroom and practical application. We have a long way to go as we move forward but we are blessed with a dedicated group of experienced volunteers that understand the value of the long term goals.

Project #2: Operation 29:11 Experimental / Demonstration / PRODUCTION Garden at Magnolia Baptist Church

On September 1st, 2018 we began building an experimental / demonstration /production garden adjacent to our facility at Magnolia Baptist Church. Our goal is to pursue and present to our community, in association with our Sherman Indian High School project, differing methods of water conservation, soil development, plant selection and nutrition.  If interested and you have an interest in gardening please join us in this endeavor. Food grown will be distributed to those in need within the Magnolia community. 

Project #3: Democratic Republic of Congo 

Operation 29:11 has been supporting Johnson Kipesse in the Democratic Republic of Congo for several years.  Johnson has been working on establishing gardens.

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