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May 17-19, Pure Heart Community Garden Installation Kaibeto, AZ


On May 18th Jerry Henning, Dave Pugsley, Roger Tsuda and I partnered with Pastor Philbert and his team at Pure Heart Bible Church in Kaibeto AZ to install our first community garden project.

Thanks to the work of Dave, Roger and Elizabeth Thomas of Magnolia Baptist Church we were able to provide sixty healthy pre-grown plants to the effort. Due to the generosity of The Home Depot organization we were provided planting, irrigation, and fencing materials which were a tremendous help to our project budget.

Our Corona CA partners Serve-One filled all the open space in our trailer with food as we left CA… per Dave Kirsch we loaded 1,500 lbs of watermelon, squash, onions, and much, much more… to Pastor Philbert’s joy Dave & Gus also provided six boxes of fresh bakery (mostly donuts).

The most important element of the effort as always was God’s presence and his people… Pastor Chuck Gargan and his wife Vicky flew in from Ocean City NJ, Evangelist Phil Lansing drove over from Shiprock NM, and Pastor Philbert and his Kaibeto team were an absolute blessing. Jerry Henning, who was part of Operation 29:11 long before there was an Operation 29:11, joined us at the last minute and directed the fencing team. Throughout the day guests showed up to review the project’s progress and pray with the team.

Pastor Stan and Pastor Philbert reported this morning that after an initial dog attack and the ever present winds the garden is doing well… with a side note… they have planted an additional section with Indian corn.

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