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March 1-2, 2013 – Native American Ministries Conference – Whiteriver AZ: Christ’s Church of the Valley of Peoria AZ sponsored the second Native American Ministries Conference of 2013 at the White Mountain Apache Christian Church of Whiteriver AZ.

Aaron Duffey of Christ’s Church of the Valley presented two days of workshops asking questions such as “What is Poverty”, “Methods for Turning the Obstacles into Hurdles”, “Building Relations and Changing Expectations”, and one of the most interesting “Relief, Betterment, or Development?”.

As with the January conference in Holbrook there were approximately 50 people in attendance representing churches and faith-based nonprofits with very few returnees from the initial conference.

From my perspective the two most important take-a-ways for Operation 29:11 were the desire for unity among the organizations present (also present at the January conference) and the profound desire to move to a mission of developing sustainable solutions to the physical and spiritual challenges prevalent within the reservations.

Our next meeting will be in September and I am curious how many churches and faith-based nonprofits present at the January and March meetings will modify their ministries due to what has been discussed.

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