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Collobrative Event May 2017

Our first collaborative distribution event with Giving Children Hope and Wings of Faith was a big success.
On Friday 5/5 Jim Yost (Wings of Faith) flew over so he could be there when the semi-truck load (yes semi-truck) of items was delivered to the hanger/warehouse in Holbrook AZ. 
On Sunday 5/7 Dave Kirsch (Operation 29:11), Christine Sanchez (Giving Children Hope), Randy Williams (Operation 29:11) and I (Operation 29:11) drove over to Holbrook, AZ.  Dave and Christine were pulling the Operation 29:11 trailer packed with more items.
On Monday 5/8 Jeff (Wings of Faith), Konrad (Wings of Faith) and Mark (videographer from Hawaii) flew in and joined us in getting our trailer unloaded and everything organized in the warehouse for the next day.
On Tuesday 5/9 we arrived early to set up for the event.  Mother Nature decided we needed to have some rain which continued all the way to the end of the event and she even threw in some hail and wind.  People starting arriving way before the event was to start so we put them to work helping us set up tables/chairs.  As people came in, we had them sign in, gave them a Thank You goodie bag and handed them a Needs Assessment sheet that we asked them to fill out and turn in before they left.
At 11:30 we started the event which included the hanger/warehouse dedication, lunch and then distribution of product.  Konrad (Wings of Faith) was our MC for the event.  He opened up with some information about the event.  First up was the hanger/warehouse dedication where we had three different people pray.  First was Pastor Bob Seymour (Native American Missions Support) who said a prayer in English, next was Veldon Clendon (Hope Center Ministries) who said a prayer in Apache and then Allen Woody (Thoreau Outreach) who said a prayer in Navajo.
After the dedication was complete, we provided lunch for everyone and a time to get to know each other.  We had about 75 people from 25 organizations not including the 9 of us hosting the event.

Once lunch was complete, the gathering, inventorying and loading up of the items was done.  This was a bit tricky since it was raining out and the center of the warehouse was set up with table and chairs.  The different organizations were told to walk the perimeter of the warehouse and gather up the items they could use and find a place in the center to make their pile.  Part way thru this process we had to remove as many of the tables and chairs as we could.  Once the organization had what they needed they one of us would do the inventory on what they were taking then they would work on getting it loaded into their vehicle/truck/trailer and hopefully not get soaked while doing that.
It was a great day even if it was a bit of chaotic at times.  We were able to get into the hands of those who could distribute the items to those in need.
Check out our gallery for pictures from the event.

New Commercial Partner US Foods

Operation 29:11 is blessed to have a new commercial partner in US Foods. They are one of the leading distributors servicing restaurants; healthcare, hospitality, government & educational institutions across America. As a nonprofit we have been approved to receive donations and purchase food at a substantial discount. At a time when we are being more selective in what we distribute to our Native American, nonprofit and Veteran related partners this is a very important opportunity. Our direct contact at US Foods is Aaron Williams. In addition to US Foods we continue to be blessed by Feed The Children, Giving Children Hope, Lotshaw Helping Hands and World Emergency Relief. Please pray for God's will regarding our food distribution outreach. 

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22,000 of produce!

Blessings... World Emergency Relief (WER) delivered nearly 22,000 lbs. of fresh produce to our Holbrook facility and Wildcat Christian Academy (WCA) today. We received 5 varieties of squash and 2 varieties of tomatoes. The distribution includes churches, schools, nonprofits and individuals in need. A big thank you to Kristy Scott at WER, Eric Luhmann who manages our Holbrook facility and Pastor Bowling at WCA.... and a huge THANK YOU Lord for your provision.

New opportunity Sherman Indian High School

God has opened the door for Operation 29:11 to the Native American community in Southern California. Yesterday, Friday, we participated in our first collaborative event at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside. In association with Southern California Indian Center (SCIC), Giving Children Hope (GCH) and National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) we delivered 50 new mattresses and lots of Disney clothing to the youth of Sherman. The SCIC provided lunch and ice cream, GCH provided the mattresses and clothing, NBRPA underwrote much of the cost of the event and we were introduced as the new Southern California partner.

Young Life Impacting Hearts Pickup Feb 2016

Sharing with others

Young Life Impacting Hearts from Long Beach California came with two trucks and picked up of water, Kettle Cooked Gyro, food bars, crackers, cereal, chips, Hi-Chews, Popcorn, cleansing cloths, bleach. The kids were enjoying the food the next day.

For additional pictures go to our gallery

Pickup at Giving Children Hope Feb 2016


Event: Pick up

Who: Randy

Where: Giving Children Hope - Buena Park, California

What: Food, snacks, children's vitamins and coffee

Pictures: For additional pictures go to our gallery

Hope Center Fund Raising

Hope Center Update  Thank you to everyone who helped provide funds for The Hope Center. We have raised $1325 as of today. We continue to work on getting additional food that we can deliver in the near future.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year!  God continues to bless us with wonderful people to come along side us and help us in delivering much needed supplies to our Native American partners in Arizona and New Mexico.  We are looking forward to what God has planned for this year.  Come along on the journey with us.

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