Due to the popularity of the newborn boxes, I am seeking people to help with this ministry. 

We need to make 4 boxes a week to meet our current demand. I am looking for a monthly commitment big or small.  We have different areas of help needed so find one that works with gifts/passions. You can view our Newborn Outreach web page to see what exactly is in the box.  Size of items is very important due to the size of box we are using.
Here are ways you can help:
1.  Sew (I will provide material)
2.  Purchase items
3.  Crochet / Knit
4.  Monthly monetary donation

YOU can make a difference in a baby's life and in the life of his/her mother!

To sign up, please go to our Contact page andin the comments section tell me how you would like to serve and your monthly commitment amount.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitant to contact us.