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Welcome - God has a plan!

We have a saying … GOD PLANS, WE PREPARE …
and what an amazing adventure we are experiencing as we follow GOD'S PLANS.

Ministry Update:

As we complete our 13th year of ministry we are retiring the non-profit by the end of June 2020 and moving to Idaho in August.
Our long-time partners Wings of Faith, Native American Emergency Relief and Heroes Deserve Help thankfully will continue to support those we have served.

It has been such a blessing to be able to walk aside the organizations serving those on the Native American Reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.  We will miss all the great people we have met over the years.

Humanitarian Relief Trip

May 2020: Served 31 organizations who, in turn, served 9,001 people. This trip was different than others in the past due to COVID-19. Organizations were served one of three ways. 1. Pickup in hanger, scheduling only 1 organization at a time. 2. Delivery via a box truck at central locations along the highway. 3. Delivery via our truck/trailer at a central location along the highway.   This is our last distribution trip.  We were sad not to be able to see all of the organizations we supported over the years as we practiced different procedures to the virus.  Pictures from this trip can be viewed in the Gallery.

Inventory Given Chart

Newborn Outreach

We delivered our highest number of boxes (88) during the May 2020 distribution. We have completed 914 since this outreach started in October 2012. We could NOT have done it without all the volunteers!


The responsibility of the garden at Magnolia Baptist Church will transfer to Roger and Dave who are members of the church

The garden at Sherman Indian High School will continue to be worked by the school

The garden in the Congo will continue to be managed by Johnson Kipesse

Outreach ministry of ICS Strategic Partners, Inc.
ICS Strategic Partners is a Public Benefit 501(c)(3) non-profit California corporation, incoporated in 2010.