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Map of Area Served
Map of Area Served

Welcome - God has a plan!

We have a saying … GOD PLANS, WE PREPARE …
and what an amazing adventure we are experiencing
as we follow GOD'S PLANS.

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Ministry Update:

As we complete our 13th year of ministry our May 2020 distribution will be our final distribution.  We will be retiring the non-profit in June and moving to Idaho in August.
Our long-time partners Wings of Faith, Native American Emergency Relief and Heroes Deserve Help thankfully will continue to support those we have served.


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Upcoming Events:

May 2020:  Distribution Trip scheduled for 1st Week in May

How You Can Help

1. Guidance & Wisdom
2. Specific needs, see above

1. Distribution Trip Preparation
2. Garden Projects
3. Help with Newborn boxes

1. Garden Projects
2. Newborn Outreach
3. Transportation


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Humanitarian Relief Trips

Oct 2019: Served 35 organizations who, in turn, served 9,419 people with 3,433 different items

May 2019: Served 35 organizations who, in turn, served 9,304 people with 3,537 different items

Oct 2018: Served 33 organizations who, in turn, served 7,561 people with 2,973 different items

May 2018: Served 27 organizations who, in turn, served 7,378 people with 740 different items

In 2017 Operation 29:11 changed the manner in which we conduct our Native American distributions from quarterly to semi-annually and from delivering directly to our hub locations over five days to a shorter multi-day, one-stop distribution at our facility in Holbrook AZ. Our long-time partner Wings of Faith completed a new 3,600 square feet aircraft hangar a short distance from the previous warehouse we shared allowing us to increase the amount of goods that we are able to receive, store and distribute. Due to the expanded facility space and the addition of a new additional partner, Native American Emergency Relief, we were able to eliminate the need to make monthly trailer trips to stage distribution supplies and now incorporate semi-trailers to transport supplies just prior to scheduled distributions. We have also experienced a large increase in the amount and quality of supplies we are able to distribute… in addition to long-time partners Feed The Children, Giving Children Hope, Lotshaw Helping Hands, Heroes Deserve Help and the many other donors we have been blessed with Orphan Grain Train... headquartered in Nebraska, is now delivering semi-trailer loads of supplies almost monthly to Holbrook.  The change in our delivery process has allowed us to meet face to face with more of our reservation partners and better understand their needs through the completion of a standardized needs assessment document. Supplies are then pre-stage on pallets based upon those specified needs, people served and what God has provided. 

Garden Projects

See our garden page for details on these projects

Project #1: Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, CA

Project #2: Operation 29:11 Experimental / Demonstration Garden at Magnolia Baptist Church

Project #3: Spring Agriculture Support for Reservation Partners

Project #4: Democratic Republic of Congo

Newborn Outreach


Total Boxes To Date: 842  2018: 115

Due to the popularity of the newborn boxes, we are seeking people to help with this ministry.

We need to make 4 boxes a week to meet our current demand.  YOU can make a difference in a baby's life and in the life of his/her mother.  I am looking for a monthly commitment big or small.  We have different areas of help needed so find one that works with gifts/passions. You can view our Newborn Outreach web page to see what exactly is in the box.  Size of items is very important due to the size of box we are using.

Here are ways you can help:
1.  Sew (I will provide material)
2.  Purchase items
3.  Crochet / Knit
4.  Monthly monetary donation

To sign up, please go to our Contact page andin the comments section tell me how you would like to serve and your monthly commitment amount.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitant to contact us.

Outreach ministry of ICS Strategic Partners, Inc.
ICS Strategic Partners is a Public Benefit 501(c)(3) non-profit California corporation, incoporated in 2010.