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Upcoming/In-Work Events:

Operation 29:11/MBC Gardens
:  On 9/1/2018 work began to create a demo garden behind our building at our church (Magnolia Baptist Church).  We have several church members who are interested in helping with this project. This will allow us to try out different ideas/techniques for the reservations and we see this benefiting the church members.  We will post updates on our website, website gallery and on our Facebook page.


10/31/2018: Congo Garden Sept 2018 Update:  Click here to view report

October Distribution Trip:  Oct 22-27,2018  

10/20/2018 We leave on Monday 10/22 for Holbrook AZ to do our October Distribution.  We will return late on Friday or Saturday.  There are 3 non-profits putting on this distribution, Wings of Faith, Native American Emergency Relief and us. Actual distribution dates are Wed 10/24 afternoon thru Friday 10/26 afternoon.  We have scheduled 23 different organizations to come and pick up items over the 2 1/2 days.  We have 2 semi trucks coming in on Tuesday with supplies and we are pulling our trailer filled to the max. Please pray for safe travels for everyone helping with the event and for those coming to pick up items. 

10/31/2018:  Trip was very successful.  We saw 28 organizations and set aside product for 3 more during our 2 1/2 day distribution.  More to come in a few days once we have received all the pictures and gathered the statistics.

11/08/2018:  We distributed 2,973 items to 33 organizations who help 7,561 people in Arizona and New Mexico.  To view chart of inventory and map of area served click here.  To view pictures go to our galleryWe had so many people volunteer their time during the event. We appreciate their help more than words can express!

08/01/2018: Today we packed 28 Newborn Outreach boxes and we have now done 702 boxes!  THANK YOU to everyone who helps with this, we could not do it without you.

07/12/2018: Today we delivered Iced Coffee and James Patterson books to Illumination Foundation

06/30/2018: Over the last two weeks, Lotshaw Helping Hands has given us the following items: Baby Food, Banana Boat Spray Sunscreen, Folding & Doodling Books, James Patterson Books (6 Different Titles), The Blood of Olympus Books, Cheez-It, FEMA Valley Food Systems Boxed Meals, Iced Coffee (2 Different Flavors), Zevio Sparkling Water. We have distributed them to eleven different local ministries and set some aside for our distribution trip in October.

06/18/2018: Newspaper Article: During our distribution last month in Holbrook the local paper came out to do an article about it.  Here is the article 

06/04/2018: Congo Garden May 2018 Update:  Click here to view report

06/04/2018: May 2018 Distribution Trip:  

Our distribution trip was a huge success and our largest to date.  The trip was the result of four organizations joining together to serve the Navajo, Hopi, Fort Apache and San Carlos reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.  See our blog for details of this trip.

05/03/2018: Native American Christian Academy "Feed the need" Event:  3/15/2018 to 4/27/2018 -

This is a school wide fundraiser that will help raise needed funds for Native American Christian Academy – but that’s not all! A portion of the funds we raise will go toward providing healthy meals for hungry children in Haiti. The fundraiser will culminate in a one-day Packing Party event on April 27th, 2018.  Read more about it at

Update:  Thank you to all of the donors for the Feed The Need event. We raised $15,727.73. On top of that, White Mountain Tees gave us a $1,000 credit for future purchases. Because of you our students were able to serve others by packing meals for hungry children in Haiti.

05/01/2018: May Distribution Trip:  Scheduled for May 15-19,2018 - distribution dates will be May 17-18, 2018

God has blessed us with so much that our room is overflowing, the container is full and the trailer is full. We are partnering with Wings of Faith and Giving Children Hope and will be taking a semi-load of items to Holbrook, AZ. We have cleaning supplies, clothing, diapers (adult and baby), food, household items, laundry supplies, spiritual items, tools, toys and other miscellaneous items. Some are already at the hanger/warehouse in Holbrook and some will be going on the semi-truck.

04/20/2018: Sherman Indian High School Project: The school had their open house and Randy helped with answering questions / providing information about the gardens.  They had a good turnout and interest in gardens. Thank You to everyone who helped to develop/maintain the gardens. See gallery for pictures.

02/16/2018: Sherman Indian High School Project: Planting has begun and egg chickens are in the first of 3 coops. See gallery and FaceBook posting for pictures

02/05/2018: Sherman Indian High School Project: Today the team reviewed resource needs and progress of the initial three project elements. The aquaponics demo garden is awaiting the momentary completion of the electrical system, twenty-five of the raised garden boxes are complete and ready for planting and two chicken coops are built and chicks are on site in a protected area. We were also blessed with two additional team members, Joyce representing the City of Riverside’s Community & Economic Development Department and Scott, a local farmer who has volunteered to advise and provide the initial crop of plants to jump start the gardens in an effort to meet the open house schedule in April. God has a plan and he continues to amaze us as we move forward. See gallery and FaceBook posting, only one photo today.
01/18/2018: Sherman Indian High School Project: The aquaponics demonstration garden, raised-bed gardens, straw-bale demo garden and chicken coops are in construction. See gallery and FaceBook posting for pictures.
01/17/2018: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Outreach: Prior to our calling to the Native American community Pam and I began our mission work in Kenya and the DRC with LifeLift International. During a project review trip in 2005 we met Johnson Kipesse in the village of Rwanguba, in the eastern DRC. Since that trip we have supported Johnson’s endeavor to serve Christ and his community in a very difficult environment. Johnson provides a periodic progress report regarding his ministry. Click here to read.
01/08/2018: Texas Mission Trip: Mission accomplished. Our team was assigned three projects consisting of dry wall installation, painting and general clean up. Pastor Terry Wright of First Baptist Church of Vidor and Scott Doss & Julie Reid of Nehemiah’s Vision insured our success by providing us with an excellent facility to call home each night and warm Texas hospitality. Please remember those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in your prayers as there is a long road to recovery ahead.
12/30/2017: Texas Mission Trip: A team consisting of Magnolia Baptist Church of Anaheim CA members and Operation 29:11 are currently enroute to Vidor TX. The team of fourteen will be assisting First Baptist Church of Vidor TX and Nehemiah’s Vision Rebuild Ministry to rehabilitate homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The Texas teams have identified 500+ homes that will require rehabilitation before the homeowners can return following the flooding that occurred in the area. The team will return on January 7th. Daily pictures will be posted to FaceBook and the Operation 29:11 gallery.
12/12/2017: Sherman Indian High School Project: The fourth meeting of the collaboration team reviewed resource and material needs to complete the initial three project elements that include the demonstration garden with a scalable aquaponics garden, raised garden consisting of forty 5’x10’x24” boxes and multiple chicken coops. Backyard Bounty will be installing the demo aquaponics system, the staff and students of SIHS will be primary constructors and Operation 29:11 will advise and assist as needed. In review the goal of the project is to “promote food security, healthy nutrition and education to the students and staff of Sherman Indian High School by means of a self-contained and administered agricultural and animal husbandry program”. More to follow.
11/13/2017: Sherman Indian High School Project: The third meeting of the collaboration team reviewed project element priorities and an implementation schedule. The school conducts an open house each Spring with that event occurring this year on April 20th. Three elements were identified for inclusion in the open house and they include the demonstration garden with a scalable aquaponics garden, raised garden consisting of forty 5’x10’x24” boxes and multiple chicken coops. Two additional project elements were added today, a medicinal demonstration garden and seed harvest program. More to follow.
11/06/2017: Sherman Indian High School Project: The second meeting of the collaboration team addressing agriculture and animal husbandry education and provision at the school discussed project objectives, available resources and identified nine elements for consideration, viability and priority. The project elements include raised bed gardens, share-cropping type garden, demonstration garden area, aquaponics garden, citrus and berry grove, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, and areas for goats, sheep and beef cattle. More to follow.
10/30/2017: Sherman Indian High School: Sherman Indian High School is a Federal Bureau of Indian Education facility located in Riverside CA. The school currently has approximately 400 students representing 73 tribes from across the United States. A collaboration team has been formed to assist the school in the development of a program to “promote food security, healthy nutrition and education to the students and staff of Sherman Indian High School by means of a self-contained and administered agricultural and animal husbandry program”. The team includes Sherman Indian High School staff (Sister Mary Yarger (Principal), Gena Hasson (Agriculture Teacher), SIHS Agriculture Students, Backyard Bounty (Mark, Jon & Jerry) and Operation 29:11 (John, Roger & Randy). Information regarding the school can be located on the web at More to follow.


Newborn Outreach Volunteer Opportunity:

Due to the popularity of the newborn boxes, we are seeking people to help with this ministry.

We need to make 4 boxes a week to meet our current demand.  YOU can make a difference in a baby's life and in the life of his/her mother.

See blog for details

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